A Nightmare or a virtual reality?

One night, I was fighting to wake up from my sleep. My nightmare was more of a world i was living in that din’t exist in reality. In that “dream” I was married to someone I’ve never seen before and I remember asking a stranger where I was. It seemed more like I got kidnapped and been put in a hiding place. But instead it looked more like a marketplace close to a sea-shore. I wasn’t chained or been put in a lock-down, a completely free person do to and meet whom I wanted.

So coming back to that stranger was apparently my spouse, something I wasn’t expecting. Someone whom I’ve never seen or met. In the real world, I’m married to a completely different person and this stranger in my nightmare sent shivers down my spine. Little did I expect that my question of where I am had startled this man and staring at my face strangely. The words that came out of his mouth startled me in return, “Where do you think we are? Buying food for the kids of course! “. I was dumbstruck since in reality, I only had one. This Man speaks of the family as we are 5 in number. Me, Him and 2 boys and a girl. Now, I was struggling to let go of this man’s hand and run as fast as I could. Thank God as this action had allowed me to come out of this nightmare I was trapped in. And Strangely, whenever I returned to sleep the following days, I went back to the nightmare where I am running.

There’s an ancient folklore that there are 7 worlds like ours and each of these worlds have a person that resemble us exactly. These nightmares that we get, it felt like my subconscious was trying to me make me aware that when I sleep, I wake up some where, like a virtual reality. It looks completely real and the people you meet in this dream you’ve never met before.

Have you ever experienced something like I did? Because after 2 to 3 times, it finally stopped since it felt like that  the parallel universe understood that I discovered something that wasn’t expected. Honestly, I’m glad that nightmare ended.


This is not false. What happened to me mentioned above is absolutely true. What I saw was not something I usually see in my dreams or even worse, my nightmares.


What would you do if you found yourself in such a situation, waking up in a parallel universe, with a complete set of strangers who “know” you.

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